Who can check-in
  • Passengers holding a valid and confirmed AIR DECCAN booking Reference or PNR
  • Who cannot check-in
  • A group of more than 6 passengers booked on a single reservation number/PNR
  • Reservation with 'Special Service Requests’ eg. Infant/Wheelchair etc
Passengers with Special Needs
    Wheelchair Assistance :
  • Wheelchairs are available at some Air Deccan Airports. However, wheelchairs are not allowed on board Air Deccan flights. It can be taken up to the aircraft Main door only (AIRSTAIR). Please note passenger should be able to board/de-board the flight himself/herself. If you need wheelchair assistance at the airport, please request us at time of booking or at least 48 hours in advance. Please contact our airport staff for assistance. We cannot guarantee the availability of the same in case the information is not shared at the time of reservation/booking. Air Deccan reserves the right to deny boarding to Customers who it considers to be medically unfit to travel and who do not have appropriate medical certification
  • Where to opt for assistance :
  • In order to make necessary arrangements we request you to call us 48 hours prior minimum. Customers can request this service when making their flight booking via our call centre or they can call us after making their booking on our website www.airdeccan.co.in
  • Non Ambulatory/ Visually Impaired Passengers :
  • Blind passenger comes under category of NON AMBULATORY Air Deccan shall accept only Ambulatory passengers onboard it’s BE 1900 D aircraft. Carriage of Non-ambulatory passenger is restricted due to evacuation constraints on this aircraft.
  • Expectant mothers may travel up to and including the 27 weeks of their pregnancy provided filling indemnity form at the Airport, and will be accepted between the 28 to 32 weeks only if they are in possession of a doctor's certificate confirming the stage of their pregnancy and stating that they are fit to fly and filling indemnity form at the Airport. The certificate should be issued at least within 24 hours prior to advised time of travel. This certificate will have to be presented at check-in when requested. Expectant mothers 32 weeks and above are not allowed to fly on Air Deccan flights. Air Deccan reserves the right to deny boarding to Customers who it considers to be medically unfit to travel and who do not have appropriate medical certification.
    What is the age group for Infant ?
  • 14 days to 2 years of age
  • Where to book an Infant ticket ?
  • Infant ticket can be booked on our website or call us on our customer care number or at our Airport booking counter. If you have forgotten to let us know/book infant ticket, by quoting your booking number you can book ticket at our airport counter. Please note our aircraft do not have provisions for bassinet and carry cots.
  • How many infants can travel per flight ?
  • Air Deccan allows only 2 Infants (one per adult) between 14 days and 2 years of age per flight in view of safety considerations and it is advisable to select the options at the time of the booking to ensure the information is registered in advance as these bookings will be on first come first serve basis.
  • Note:-The number of infants carried on board Air Deccan aircraft is 02 and seat allocation would be Last row (10th Row A and F) in the cabin.
  • In case you are unable to book in view of the maximum number of Infants already booked on the specific flight, we recommend selecting an alternate flight. You may visit our website to know more about our flight schedule and other available flights
    How much is Free Baggage Allowance ?
  • Checked-in Baggage: Air Deccan allows Customers to check-in bags free of charge up to 10 kg of checked baggage (“Checked Baggage”) with any single piece size not exceeding beyond 30x20x12inches for per paying Customer. Baggage must be checked at the airport at least 45 minutes in advance of flight departure. Checked baggage in excess of total 10 kilograms is chargeable
  • Air Deccan will accept and transport free of charge, subject to the presentation of a valid ticket and to the provisions of paragraphs A, B, and C below, only two (2) pieces of luggage (1 checked, 1 gate-check/Carry-on personal item).
  • Any additional piece of luggage will be deemed to be excess and subject to excess baggage charges, as set forth below. Certain fares may have baggage restrictions please verify before booking these fares.
  • Carry - On Baggage: Air Deccan has a “no carry-on policy”. However, ONE (1) personal item will be allowed, per ticketed passenger, in the cabin of the aircraft. All standard sized carry-on items will be gate checked. Personal items include the following:
    • a. Purse/Ladies Handbag
    • b. Briefcase
    • c. Laptop and case
    • d. Diaper bag
    • e. Other similar size item (backpack, small duffel bag, portfolio)
    • f. Air Deccan reserves the right to refuse ‘carry-on baggage’ in case the size it exceeds 15 x 12 x 12 inches or weighs more than 4 kilograms. Such bags may be required to be ‘Checked-in’ before the flight.
    • g. Passengers with infants are allowed to carry an additional piece of hand baggage other than 1 personal item of maximum 4 kg., not exceeding the size dimensions, as mentioned hereinbefore.
    • NOTE: The above items must fit in or beneath/alongside the seat in front of the passenger.
  • Excess Baggage : Checked Baggage in excess of 10 kg is subject to a fee of Rs 300 per kg per Sector per passenger, to be paid to Air Deccan.
    • a. In case the bag size is above the max allowed dimension size limit, a charge of Rs.1,000 per oversize bag will be applicable over and above the excess baggage charges if any as per excess baggage fee
    • b. Air Deccan reserves the right to refuse carriage of any item that does not comply with the
    • c. Regulations. Passengers would be allowed to carry such luggage as allowed by BCAS and/or applicable authority.
    • d..Air Deccan Reserves the right to refuse oversize and bulky checked bags which do not confirm to the checked-in bag dimension size limitations or are unusual size or weight.
    • If at any stage it is found that the aircraft with the booked load or passengers will be over loaded, the Company will have the right to decide which passengers or articles shall be off-loaded and such decision shall be binding.

Valid Identity Proof
    What documents/identity proof do I need to carry ?
  • The following are considered to be valid photo identification documents:
    • 1. Valid Passport
    • 2. Valid Driving License
    • 3. Election Photo Identification Card
    • 4. PAN card issued by the Income Tax department
    • 5. Photo identity card issued by the employer, being government and reputed private sector organizations
    • 6. Children travelling on Air Deccan should carry their school identification cards or any other photo identification proof along with them.
    • 7. Valid birth certificates of infants need to be produced at the time of check-in for age proof.
  • Besides valid photo identification, please note the following additional requirements for bookings made using credit cards.
  • Indian Credit Cards: Customers are required to present the credit card or a photocopy of the credit card used to pay for the booking, at the time of check-in. International (Non-Indian)
  • Credit Cards: Credit Card holders are required to be a part of the travelling party and present the physical card at the time of check-in.
Denied Boarding
    Can I be denied boarding if my name or title on the booking does not match the details on my photo identity card ?
  • Yes, boarding can be denied if the name or title on the itinerary does not match the name on the identity card.
Ticket Modifications
  • How can I change/ cancel my reservation
  • Visit the manage bookings option on the homepage of our website which has a list of features that allow you to retrieve and re-print your itineraries. You can also process changes/ cancellations to the itinerary and make special service request additions in your booking.